Chili Publisher / Storefront Connector

The connector enables Pageflex Storefront to have CHILI Publisher-based templates available as products within Storefront. This includes:

  • Allowing CHILI Publisher editor as a customization step.
  • Final output support that works with existing automation and integrations you have with your Storefront.
  • Auto-Filling variables in CHILIi-based on user profile fields from Storefront.
  • Showing customized thumbnails in the cart.
  • Allow PDF Previews of CHILI-based documents.
  • Allow reorder and duplicating of CHILI-based documents.
  • Admin screen for validating set up of the extension and all CHILI products.
  • Use CHILI-based products and Pageflex-based products side by side in existing deployments.

When purchasing the connector you get the connector, which is a Storefront Extension, documentation on how to set up and test the extension.

Please contact us for a demo, to purchase, or with any questions.