Chris Reisz-Hanson, Founder, Dovenote Software

Solutions Architect & Consulting CTO

Having led and participated in a variety of software projects, I've found that I have an intuitive sense of how to construct technology systems that benefit both users and businesses. I find the process stimulating.

I formed Dovenote Software to provide software architecture, engineering management, and CTO consulting services. Most of my customers are producing custom manufactured consumer goods (mass customization), printing with digital presses, and creating unique e-commerce retail experiences.  I deliver systems that my customers can rely on to grow their businesses. They quickly discover that I also give honest, insightful, and thoughtful guidance.

I've spent more than 15 years developing online and software systems for manufacturing and selling custom and personalized products. Prior to launching Dovenote Software I served as CTO for Progressive Solutions, an innovative web-to-print digital printer. At Progressive Solutions I relaunched, and created CAPOW, a server-based management system for web-to-print portals.

I'm not just a consultant that gives advice. I've successfully built and managed multiple engineering teams. These days I form and manage ad hoc virtual teams to deliver customer projects. I have project managers, programmers, UI experts, and content developers I can draw upon.

My love of programming is integral to who I am. I make sure I always have a role in writing and reviewing the code for client projects. I also develop my own applications. I began programming at the age of five and had my first paid contract at fourteen. As an adult, I honed my system architecture and management skills developing web-to-print systems for Banta Integrated Media, Meadows Publishing Systems, and Pageflex. These companies gave me extensive experience developing both client-based custom projects as well as product development. To stay abreast of emerging trends, techniques, and applications, I immerse myself in a thriving local technology community and a virtual international community.

I work from my home office in the Boston (USA) area. My clients are located throughout North America, Europe, and South America.